The Power of Yoni Eggs

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Yoni eggs have come a long way from the Far East of the ancient times to the Western world of today. The word “yoni” is a Sanskrit term which means the womb or the cradle of life. The term “eggs” here refers to little oval stones that are inserted into vagina to awaken the supreme feminine prowess. These highly powerful stones have been a part of ancient Chinese culture for more than 5,000 years and it was until recently, in the 21st century, it was introduced to the greater world. The conventional yoni eggs made from jade stone and hence they are also referred to as “jade eggs”.

These eggs enable women to experience physical, sexual as well as spiritual healing and transformation. Yoini eggs are known to help women to awaken their sensuality and make the most of their sexual power. Not only that, these jade eggs enable women to restore their youthful energy and enjoy amazing health even at their advanced age.  A lot of women today use the yoni eggs for their kegel exercises. Although yoni eggs has been traditionally made of jade yet a bunch of other stones are also used here, such as amethyst, quartz, onyx and black obsidian.

Amazing benefits of yoni eggs

Yoni eggs are the key for every woman out there to enjoy better orgasms and a more fulfilling love life. Besides, these sacred eggs also assure you good health and high positive energy. Here is a brief on the many awesome benefits of using yoni eggs.

  • Strengthens pelvic floor

This is certainly the most important benefit of using Yoni eggs.

When you insert the stone into your vagina, it enables the body to naturally perform a kegel exercise which eventually helps to strengthen your pelvic floor. Stronger pelvic floor means stronger vagina, rectum and uterus. A healthy and fit pelvic floor further assures the following benefits-

  • Reduced risks of incontinence
  • Reduced risk of uterine prolapsed
  • Stronger orgasms
  • More powerful internal grip while having penetrative sex
  • Fast healing of vagina post childbirth

In fact, regular exercises with yoni eggs can even help to maintain a proper balance of the hormones and reduces PMS symptoms as well.

  • Enhanced blood circulation

Regular practice of kegel workout with Yoni Eggs will activate and engage muscles and nerves in the pelvic and vaginal regions. It would improve blood flow in these areas which would further reward you with a better climax while you make love with you partner

  • More intense orgasms

A stronger pelvic floor enables women to respond to as well as experience sensual contact more deeply. Your sexual sessions will be more pleasurable and passionate compared to how you felt before using yoni eggs. Put simply, regular exercise with Yoni eggs will help you to savor faster and lasting orgasms. These eggs will add more spice to your sensuous sessions and would transcend your love life to a newer height.

  • Smooth lubrication

If you have been down with dry vagina for a while, Yoni eggs would be a great thing for you. When inserted through the vagina, these eggs work to stimulate the vaginal walls which naturally help to release vaginal lubrication. Once these eggs become a part of your regular routine, you can stop worrying over vaginal dryness. It will help you to enjoy a seamless, pain-free and more fulfilling sex. It won’t be exaggerating to say Yoni Eggs can contribute big time to improve your love life.

Tips to use Yoni Eggs

Find the right one

Your experience with yoni eggs is largely influenced by your selection of Yoni eggs. As mentioned previously, Yoni eggs are available in a variety of stones. And each stone has its own unique properties and energy frequency. Thus, make sure beforehand the stone used in your chosen yoni egg is compatible with your particular aura or energy. Besides, you should always look for sellers that can offer you authentic GIA-certified stones.

Get a set

You may buy one individual stone or else get a whole set with multiple Yoni eggs in gradually increasing sizes. As a first timer, you should always start with a small size. Then, after you get used to it, you can shift to the larger sizes. For a wide range of yoni egg collections, whether single yoni egg or a set, lovegasm is always highly recommended by our readers.

Prepare the stone

You can’t start using the stone right after you get it from the seller. The first task is to prepare it before the holy act.

It will start with a thorough cleansing which will help to remove negative energies which the stone may have attained before it reached to you. You will need sage and a matchbox here. First, you will burn the herb and then smudge the burnt sage all over the stone.

Next, you will need to charge the stone. To charge the stone, place it under moon or sun light for around 2 hours.

After that, you will have to create an emotional bond with the stone before it insert it inside your body. So, once it is charged, hold the stone and  lay it on your palm. Then, state the intentions that you wish to fulfill with the stone.

Make sure you are alone in the room when you are doing the process. You should also get a bath and wear clean clothes before you start any ritual with your Yoni egg. You may light some candles and turn on a light music to set the mood.

Insertion is simple

After you have created an emotional bond with the crystal, it’s time to insert it inside your body. Hold it with your fingers with its tip pointed downwards. Then, insert it on the vaginal space just as you insert your tampon.

Exercise with your yoni egg

After you have inserted the egg, contract your pelvic floor and hold on to that position to 5 counts. Now, release it and relax for a few seconds. Repeat the same process 10 times. You have to do this twice or thrice a day.

Release slowly

Get into a squat posture and start to push out the egg with vaginal muscles. You may also use fingers for scooping out the stone from your body.