Mastering The Use Of Your Urethral Sound

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Sex toys from Lustplugs are a breath of fresh air and bring some sense of adventure into the bedroom, whether you buy it for yourself or for your partner. However, women still have a much easier time in this area because the market is full of women’s sex toys in all variations. In addition, self-satisfaction and the use of aids in women are still much more socially accepted than in men.

But even as a man you do not need to renounce sex toys for the fun in bed: More and more providers have discovered the gap in the market for men’s sex toys, and the selection is growing rapidly. But how to choose an urethral sound for a beginner?

All masturbators must be lubricated so that the masturbator can slide up and down the penis without disturbing friction.

Enjoy Water-based lubricant is a water-based lubricant that can be used with all masturbators. The lubricant should be applied directly to the inside of the masturbator and your erection. Once you and your masturbator are rubbed in, you can start at the entrance. Start rubbing the tip of your penis, enjoy the sensations at the entrance and make sure everything is smooth and moist. Then get ready to invade the masturbator.

First, the entry might look very tight, but the masturbator adapts to your scope. Hold the end of your penis and the masturbator firmly and penetrate carefully into the masturbator. Once you’re in, it’s up to you to find out for yourself how fun you are

Begin by grasping the exterior of the masturbator and moving it up and down its length. Do not go too far up or down so that you do not slip out again – once you get used to the masturbator your movements may become more demanding. Try to rotate the masturbator during the movements to massage the tip of the penis. The double-sided Masturbator Ultimate is particularly varied with its different structures on the inside and outside.

If your masturbator has an opening at the other end (like most), you can partially or completely cover the hole with your finger, increasing the suction inside the masturbator. You may need a few tries to find the different levels of absorbency and have a good grip on the masturbator while masturbating. It applies as always: practice makes perfect. The first time you use your masturbator, you may come pretty fast, but the lengthening of your sexual stamina is the goal of this masturbator.

Couples have been integrating vibrators into their relationship for years and although you cannot use a masturbator during sex, they are also wonderful for couples. Choose a translucent shell so you both have a good view of the movement.

The use of a masturbator is a wonderful part of the foreplay with your partner and intensifies your desire for sex. But they are also well suited for mutual masturbation or if you want to be intimate together, but do not want to go to the end. If your lover is exhausted during hand masturbation, a masturbator will help her and you will love the masturbator even more if your partner moves him for you.


Need more help?

Contact customer service, staff will be happy to help you choose the perfect male masturbator. You can always send an e-mail or call an experienced consultant by phone or live chat from 9am to 5pm Monday through Saturday.

Vibrating cock rings like the Tracey Cox Super sex vibrating double love ring are great for use during sex and will give you both wonderful stimulation. The stretchable part of the penis ring gives it a bigger, harder erection and the vibrating mini vibrator that pops up gives you fantastic clitoral vibrations and gives your testicles a tingling sensation.

If you are looking for something luxurious for you both, you should take a look at the We-Vibe Sync. This clitoris and G-spot vibrator can be controlled by smart phone, has a sophisticated shape and is worn during sex, so you both can enjoy the sensual vibrations. He is easy to handle and absolutely discreet. The We-Vibe allows your partner to penetrate you at the same time, and experience double the fun!

The most important thing when using toys together is communication. Experiment with your vibrator , let it slide over your body, and when you find a particularly pleasurable point, let your partner know that he / she has found a new erogenous zone in your body. If you feel numb or uncomfortable at any point, say so – your partner will not know until you say so.