Intimate toys for adults: return passion to relationships!

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Intimate life with a regular partner eventually becomes boring, becomes less interesting than before. This is not a reason to give up! Bringing harmony to relationships and igniting the flame of passion is easier than it seems. Use homemade sex toys for two to achieve the desired result. This is the kind of sex toy for all ages.

Erotic toys: Down with boredom!

Couples, in which sex has become an ordinary fulfillment of marital duty, sexologists are advised to visit the shop of intimate goods. Sex toys are the best way to kindle a glowing passion. It is possible to pick up something piquant and interesting both for the prelude and for sexual intercourse.

A fairly large number of different devices are usually placed in the “Anal Toys” category: these are dildos designed specifically for this area, and traffic jams, and even special extenders. But which of the masturbating anal toys give the strongest sensations?

Stimulation of intimate muscles

In order to answer a similar question, it is necessary to compare the device of the anus and vagina. The vagina is a muscular tube, at the very beginning of which the labia majora are located. At the same time, there are a lot of sensitive points in this organ: these are the labia themselves, and the walls of the vagina, and the legendary point G. If we speak about the anus, then this is the rectum, the entrance to which two circular muscles immediately close, while the nerve endings are only close to the anus. Thus, it turns out that only the anus itself makes sense to stimulate. In this case, the conversation is now talking specifically about women, since for men in this area there is also a prostate sensitive to touch, but its stimulation is a separate conversation.

Butt plugs and balls

Let’s go back to the female anus. Stimulation of this organ can be done by many types of sex toys. For a gentle, soft impact, the butt plug is reliably best. For passionate and sensual stimulation, you can use an anal dildo. But for getting the most vivid sensations, anal balls can be considered an ideal toy. The secret of this device lies in the fact that it acts directly on the anus itself, while stimulation does not occur with the help of small vibration and not through direct contact, as is the case with anal plugs. When moving the balls back and forth, the anus is forced to constantly strain and relax, which gives such an unforgettable pleasure. The dimensions of the anal balls can be any, which allows you to choose the intensity of exposure.

Types of anal balls

There are interesting models of anal balls, which have different sizes of each link, in this case, the stimulation is uneven, and this gives even stronger and brighter sensations. With all the pleasure derived from the use of anal balls, they are also of purely practical use. The fact is that for those who want to develop their anus for real anal sex the best simulator is not found.

What should be the perfect vibrator?

There is a huge number of various modifications of vibrators, but not all of them can be called successful. Some of them have an ergonomic shape, but quite inconvenient control; others are made of a pleasant, delicate material, but too quickly are discharged, etc. Let’s look at the most important parameters of vibrators, affecting the overall impression of using the device:

Dimensions and functionality of vibrators

The ideal can be considered a vibrator, having a length of about 20 cm and a diameter of 3 cm. These dimensions correspond to the parameters, so to speak, of the ideal penis. Firstly, it is such dimensions of the vibrator that will allow you to experience the strongest and most pleasant sensations. And secondly, such a vibrator will not stretch the muscles of the vagina, which will make it possible to avoid problems with classical sex.

Toy functionality

Vibrators, which stimulate only one erogenous zone, gradually disappear, and massagers, who act on several delicate parts of the body at once, take their place. These can be vaginal-clitoral vibrators or vaginal-anal even better, if such a vibrator allows you to have regular sex in parallel with its use.

Control and material manufacturing vibrator

There are two options. The fact is that some women prefer vibrators, the control panel of which is located directly on the body, while other representatives of the fair sex prefer tasteful stimulators with a remote control. Both options are convenient in their own way, so the choice remains for the women themselves.

Vibrator power supply

In order to no longer think about constantly sitting down batteries, it is best to purchase a vibrator, equipped with a battery and special charging from the mains. In addition, now began to appear sex toys, charged from the USB port of the computer, which is also quite convenient. However, if the device will be used in places where there are problems with the mains, then a toy with ordinary batteries can be very useful.